Digital journalism resources

BBC. Net radio in MS Mediaplayer and Real Audio format

News Google (South Africa). Personalise your news edition.

Deutsche Welle. Net radio in MP3 og Real format

dot Journalism, England. News for net journalists

American journalism at its best

International news provider that makes research material available to the recipient:

How users read on the web

Stanford-Poynter Project (2000): EyeTracking Online News

Poynter (2004): Eyetrack III

Jakob Nielsen’s commentary to the eyetrack study

Nielsen, Jakob (1997): How Users Read on the Web

Books on digital journalism

Quinn, Stephen: Mobile Journalism in the Asian Region
Konrad-Adenauer-Stuftung, Singapore 2012­‐asien/en/publications/29755

Kawamoto, Kevin (editor): Digital Journalism. Emerging Media and the Changing Horizons of Journalism
Rowman & Littlefield, Oxford 2003

Ward, Mike: Journalism Online
Focal Press, Woburn 2002

Hall, Jim: Online Journalism
Pluto Press, London 2001

Quinn, Stephen: Digital Sub-editing & Design
Focal Press, Oxford 2001

Quinn, Stephen: Knowledge Management in the Digital Newsroom
Focal Press, Oxford 2001

How to write for the web

Rachel McApline’s web page:

McAlpine, Rachel: Web Word Wizardry

Morkes, John and Jakob Nielsen (1997):
Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web

Bonime, Andres and Ken C. Pohlmann: Writing for new media
Wiley & Sons, New York 1998

Goto, Kelly and Emily Cotler: Web Redesign Workflow That Works

Books on web design

Hammersley, Ben: Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom
O’Reilly, Sebastopol, 2005

Freeman, Michael: The Complete Guide to Digital Photography

Nielsen, Jakob: Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity

Books on research

Paul, Nora M.: Computer Assisted Research
Bonus Books, Chicago 1999 (4th edition)

Quinn, Stephen: Newsgathering on the Net
Macmillan, South Yarra, 2001 (2nd edition)

Hammersley, Ben: Content Syndication with RSS
O’Reilly, Sebastopol 2003

Garrisson, Bruce: Computer-Assisted Reporting
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers (2nd edition)
New Jersey, 1998

Bell, Judith: Doing Your Research Project
A guide for first-time researchers in education and social science. (4th edition) Open University Press, Maidenhead, 2007

Books on interaction design

Moggridge, Bill: Designing Interactions
The MIT Press, Massachusets, 2007

Cooper, lan: The inmates are running the asylum
Sams, Indianapolis, 2004

Buxton, Bill: Sketching User Experiences
Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2007

Norman, Don: Emotional Design – Why We Love or Hate Everyday Things
Basic Books, New York, 2005

Duchowski, Andrew T: Eye Tracking Methodology: Theory and Practice
2nd edition. Springer-Verlag, London, 2007

Raskin, Jef: The Humane Interface. New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems
Addison Wesley, Boston, 2000

Sharp, Helen et al: Interaction Design: Beyond Human-computer Interaction
John Wiley and Sons Ltd; 2nd edition, Chichester, 2007

Weiss, Scott: Handheld Usability
John Wiley and Sons Ltd, Chichester, 2002

Lindholm, Christian et al:
Mobile Usability. How Nokia changed the face of the mobile phone
McGraw-Hill, New York, 2003

Perform a simply user test using the walkthrough method

Jonas Löwgren’s bookshelf