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Generation Y do it on the mobile

More than 90 per cent of young users in Nigeria, South Africa, and Indonesia access the web primarily through a mobile phone. According to a report by the browser company Opera, generation Y – the age group between 18 and 27 – say they browse the web mostly on a smart phone or mobile device. (more…)

Wikia: New search engine launches

Wikia is a new search engine by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. The service is edited in accordance with the wiki principle: that of trusted feedback from a community of users acting together in a transparent way. Users can submit and rate web pages, and attach articles to interesting search words.

The mobile internet

”Mobile Internet users want to see everything on a Web page, not just text or special handheld material,” says Jon von Tetzchner, one of the founders of Opera, the browser designed for mobile devices.

Download my interview with Jon von Tetzchner in On Magazine, in PDF format [the file is 1.1 MB]